04/24/2014 | Daikin McQuay Expands use of Variable Speed Inverter Compressor Technology in Rooftop Units


Advanced Technology Attributed to Staggering Energy Efficiencies and Department of Energy Recognition

Daikin McQuay today announced the company is expanding the use of Variable Speed Inverter Compressor technology across its rooftop platform, which ranges up to 140 tons. The overwhelming success of this technology in the Daikin McQuay RebelTM unit, ranging from three to 15 tons, not only provides unprecedented energy efficiencies, but also provides better temperature and dehumidification control than typical rooftop units. The Rebel unit is the only commercial rooftop unit to date to meet the Department of Energy's Rooftop Unit Challenge and that achieves part-load efficiencies of up to 20.6 IEER, surpassing ASHRAE's 90.1 minimum standard by a staggering 80 percent.

The expanded use of Variable Speed Inverter Compressor Technologies in rooftop units will start with Daikin McQuay's RoofPakTM family of products, which range from 15 to 140 ton units. The technology will follow immediately into the MaverickTM II line, which range from 15 to 75 ton units. Availability of the new variable speed inverter compressor technology in the rooftop units will begin in the summer of 2013.

"We are committed to providing our customers with industry leading, technologically-advanced systems that raise the bar for increased energy efficiency and operational performance," said Jim Olsen, applied air systems product general manager at Daikin McQuay. "As the leader in applied rooftop units, this expansion across our rooftop platforms helps us deliver upon that commitment."