05/07/2014 | Daikin Applied's AGZ-E Chiller Line Redefines HVAC Performance


New Air Scrolled Chillers reduce environmental footprint and lifetime cost of ownership while increasing efficiency and simplifying maintenance

agzeMINNEAPOLIS – May 7, 2014 – Building owners, contractors and engineers now have the ability to use equipment that provides industry leading operational efficiencies while incurring lower total cost of ownership. With the new AGZ-E family of Air Cooled Scroll Chillers, Daikin Applied, the global leader in HVAC, presents a line of products that enables greater energy savings and environmental efficiency while also offering easy maintenance – all equating to a reduced lifetime ownership cost. The chillers are ideal for use in small to midsized buildings, as well as critical facilities, like elementary schools, data centers and hospitals.

By pre-installing options in the factory that have been typically installed onsite, Daikin Applied built the AGZ-E with the mindset of simplifying ownership for customers. The factory installed custom pump packages reduce engineering and design efforts, quickens installation and commissioning, and allows for more usable and revenue-generating space on the job site. And with industry regulations constantly changing, it has never been more important to use a chiller that already exceeds the ASHRAE 90.1 2013 and FEMP 2012 standards.

"With the AGZ-E family it has never been easier to own and maintain a top-of-the-line midsized chiller," said Adam Meddaugh, director, positive displacement chillers, at Daikin Applied. "The cost savings owners receive through reduced environmental impact and increased efficiency, combined with simplified maintenance, means customers get the Daikin Applied quality they're used to at a great value."

AGZ-E chillers are optimized for mission critical applications, with RapidRestore™ and fast loading capabilities allowing them to provide 100 percent chilled water capacity in less than four minutes after a power loss, or in just two minutes from stand-by mode. They also offer more efficient and convenient spacing flexibility – requiring only four feet of clearance to a wall or between units, compared to as many as six feet for other units – increasing usable space and lowering installation costs.

The robust and efficient positive displacement scroll compressors used in the AGZ-E chillers provide reliable day-to-day operation. In addition to lowering costs, the scroll compressors are also easier to maintain. The AGZ-E uses durable and easily cleaned all-aluminum microchannel coils, with a 1000+ hour salt fog rating (per ASTM G85-02 acidified synthetic sea water fog testing). And by using R-410A refrigerant, AGZ-E chillers have no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.

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